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About The Pearcey Institute


A research institute intimately connected with the research sector facilitating relationships between researchers and investors, providing networking, data and analysis tools and undertaking economic research directed at increasing the value and success rate of research commercialisation.


A thriving Australia empowered by technology innovation and entrepreneurship.


Create, facilitate, foster and sustain an innovative, entrepreneurial, fair and productive Australia through research, policy advice.


Conduct and sponsor research, facilitate communication, collaboration and diffusion to assure Australia’s competitive position in a changing technology landscape.


  • Build and manage a platform for facilitating research collaboration and commercialisation through networking and comprehensive data collection, measurements and analysis.
  • Conduct and sponsor research to identify, promote and advise on optimal models for innovation, metrics, management of IP, research and commercialisation processes.
  • Promote and support other commercialisation incubators, hubs and events.
  • Conduct events to facilitate promote the aims of the institute.

Corporate structure:

The operating company, The Pearcey Institute, is a not-for-profit research charity owned by The Pearcey Trust. The Pearcey Institute is funded by the university and research sector, government and business.


Stakeholders include people and organisations from the research, business, government and technology sectors.

PI stakeholders


Economic research is the proposed focus of the PI, underpinning and supporting investors and innovators with data, analysis, process improvement and policy advice.

PI networking model

Open innovation process:

Open innovation acknowledges that early exposure to other researchers, partners, investors and markets will leverage greater resources, achieve greater returns and improve the prospects of long term success.

Open innovation process

Value propositions:

Universities and research institutions:

  • Higher visibility of work being undertaken
  • Exposure of research work to commercial realities
  • Increased collaboration
  • Greater efficiency
  • Concrete evaluation of technology and commercial readiness
  • Increased sources of funding at lower costs
  • Continual process improvement

Businesses and investors:

  • Higher visibility of opportunities
  • Earlier opportunities to engage in specific activities
  • Opportunities to influence the direction of work
  • Higher confidence in technology and commercial readiness
  • Increased opportunities to join with other investors to increase funding and reduce risk

Researchers and innovators:

  • Increase the profile of researchers and research work
  • Understand similar or competitive projects


The proposal to establish the Pearcey Institute emerged from the work of Australia 3.0, a thought leadership project conducted annually in each of the last five years by the Pearcey Foundation in partnership with the Australian Computer Society, the Australian Information Industry Association, CSIRO and NICTA.

Pearcey Foundation
The Pearcey Foundation was created in 1998 to celebrate the life of Dr Trevor Pearcey who in 1949 led the team which built “CSIRAC”, the world’s fourth stored program computer. The Foundation celebrates achievements through the Pearcey Medal and Hall of Fame and the Pearcey State Awards for younger entrepreneurs.